Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Own a Camera From RCB!

 A few weeks ago, I finally got my shop up and running on Etsy.  You see, I really don't need to hang onto every camera or item that I review on Random Camera Blog, otherwise, I would have cabinets and drawers and shelves filled with cameras that I rarely use.  I know, for some of you that sounds like a great thing. However, I have been to too many dead photographer's houses to want to leave my survivors with hundreds of cameras to deal with.  Sometimes. I'll pick up a camera and test it out with a few rolls of film just for the experience, and in some cases, it might be a camera that I am in the process of selling for someone that gets reviewed.  Then, there are the cameras that I had to buy because I was infatuated with them, and since then, my interests have moved elsewhere.  

So what does my Etsy shop offer? Take a look!  You'll find an assortment of cameras, maybe some expired film, lenses, and vintage items, along with issues of Monochrome Mania.   At some point, I may also sell prints of some of my work.   To be honest, I am tired of selling things on eBay since they parted ways with PayPal.  Etsy offers me a fixed-price alternative to auctions, and I think you'll get a better deal from me in the process.  

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