Wednesday, March 23, 2005

face it, Spring is late...

face in the garden
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I thought yesterday was the most spring-like day yet this year. Mostly sunny, and at least 50°F! Today, we are supposed to get more snow...blah.

I did get out in the afternnon, and shot a roll of film in a recently-acquired Ciroflex TLR at Cobblestome Farm.. This is the nicest Ciroflex I have seen to date. The ground glass was much brighter than the others I have. I also shot a roll of Ilford Delta Pan 400 (exp. 1996) in my Fed-5 with an Industar-22 that I recently got off eBay. The Industar-22 is about the same as the collapsible Leica Elmar 50mm lens, and it cost me less than $18.00 with shipping from the Ukraine. The negs that I developed last night from both of these cameras came out great.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Dining Out

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I was scanning in some slides last night for possible inclusion in someone's book. I really like this shot of this Calopteryx maculata female eating a small fly. I found her near the River Raisin in western Washtenaw Co. in June 2003. The mosquitoes were nasty, but I managed to get a couple of shots of this damselfy before she flew off. I used my Nikon FA with the 70-180 micro-Nikkor.