Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Camera Swaps

checking out the wares
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This past Sunday, Oct. 23, Marjorie and I spent the day at the 34th Annual "Photographica Trade Show" which is sponsored by the Michigan Photographic Historical Society (MiPHS), and held in Novi, MI. I'm a board member, and the two of us ran the MiPHS table, selling used gear and items that had been donated. In all, we sold nearly $200 worth of old cameras, parts, accessories, flashes, and darkroom equipment. Rock-bottom prices, because we are interested in selling the stuff for the organization, and not hauling it all back home. I wish some of the vendors would do the same. For some types of collectible cameras, yes, there are some minimums, once should not go lower on. But, there are several sellers there with their tables filled with the same items that I have seen them cart around to shows for the last 5 years, and it's probably been longer than that. With the same prices, of course. I don't know about them, but my hobby is not hauling photo gear back and forth. If I'm taking something to sell there and not on eBay, I'll be selling at a good price.
Some other sellers had some great prices on things because they obviously feel the same way. I ended up buying only a couple of cameras -- a Zeiss Ikon Contina (35mm) in really nice shape for $40. A bit on the high end, but I know the seller, and felt it was worth it for me to buy it from him. I also bought a $5 Imperial Reflex (plastic crappy camera, but cool), and a few other non-camera items. Marjorie bought an olive Argus A...

Monday, October 17, 2005

A new Argus book!

A new book!
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This is the new book by Henry Gambino -- Argomania. A much-welcomed addition to classic camera literature, and especially nice to see a book on Argus cameras.
So far, it's been very informative, enjoyable, and well-illustrated.

You can get a copy from Aeone Communications, 73 Old Dublin Pike #181, Suite10, Doylestown, PA 18901 or contact percy@tradenet.net. ISBN#0-9770507-0-X; price is $39.95.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Spotmatic Spot

Mill at Mt. Victory, OH
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You have seen the term, a "Kodak Moment." I just thought of a new one - A "Spotmatic Spot" Why? Well, I shot this photo with my old Pentax Spotmatic with its 50mm f1.8 normal lens. It's a classic camera by any definition. This Purina Mill in Mt. Victory, OH is also a classic spot. The image is almost timeless. It could have been taken 30 years ago or 30 days ago. Actually, I took it in June of this year on a photo safari trip with Marjorie through northern Ohio.
I spent at least 30 minutes, if not longer, shooting here, using digital, medium format, and 35mm. The Spotmatic is so nice to use -- nothing complex, almost an extension of myself. No meter. Used sunny 16 rules and common sense with the filter. It was one of those times that the subject was so right, and I just happened on it -- sun was perfect, and all I had to do was point my camera.

I used an orange filter to accentuate the sky just a bit, and the film was Ilford FP4+. Developed in HC110B.