Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Goodbye to 2012 and hello 2013!

The past year was certainly filled with photography for me.  I managed to try some new equipment, find some old, and along the way, traveled many miles and shot thousands of digital and film images.   I won't say that I shoot every day, but I come pretty close to it.

Black-bodied cameras seemed to be big for me in 2012:
New "toy"
The Mighty TL Electro-X 

Canon F-1 outfit
The venerable Canon F-1

Nikon F2S
The superb last hand made-made SLR - Nikon F2

Nikon FM - classic companion
A still limping-along FM

latest acquisition N90S
The N90s - my go-to AF camera. 

I went on quite a few photo trips in Michigan and Ohio, and a couple to Ontario, Canada.  It's been said however, that some of the best photographs are taken within a few miles of your house.  I can agree with that.

Back yard:

Front yard:
hosta lines

frosty sunrise 3


Blue reflections

Canadian Shield

For many of my adventures, I have been very lucky to have my wife Adrienne, and my good friends Abby, Marc, or Mike along.  A few times I have been blessed to have my daughter Marjorie accompany me.  In fact, when Marjorie was a teenager, we traveled thousands of miles across Michigan in search of theaters for her to photograph.  I will always treasure those trips together.

Remember, as you go out and shoot in 2013... the best software is the gray matter behind the camera.  It will allow you to use a plastic camera, a box with a pinhole, a Rolleiflex, a Nikon FM, a 4x5 Graflex, or a 36 MP DSLR.  What you get depends on you.

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Jim said...

Sweet gear, esp. the F1 and F2!