Wednesday, October 14, 2009

World Toy Camera Day 2009

Saturday, October 17 2009 is World Toy Camera Day -- a day for people all over the world to take photos using "toy" cameras. Even though that term is now in common usage, I dislike it because it tends to have a negative association with people that are not aware of the wonderful imagery that has been made from plastic cameras such as the Holga, Diana, and a bucketload of cheap plastic 35mm crappy wonders. However, for want of a better term, World Toy Camera Day (WTCD) is always fun (just a sidenote here regarding fun. Have you ever tried typing while a cat is on your lap and pushing its way onto your keyboard? Johan is doing just that...).

For more info and photos from WTCD.... go here, here, and here.

I'm not sure what I'll shoot with, but very likely the Fisheye Diana... A report on it is coming soon.
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