Monday, December 04, 2006

Brownie Bull's-eye

A 620 bakelite camera from the 1950s. 6x9cm negative. An ebay purchase, it arrived today -- and despite looking like it had sat in a garage somewhere, it's in working condition. I did a little cleanup, put in a roll of 40-year-old Verichrome Pan, and I'll see how this hunk-o-bakelite works out.

Brownie Bulls-eye

This is the "Champagne" version -- a little sexier than the more common black and silver model. Original price was about $15, this one was $5 + shlepping. Not as pristine as I had hoped, but I'll see what kind of shooter it is. It does have Bulb setting as well as a tripod socket... so fun will ensue. It came with a finished roll of Kodacolor II. Not sure if it'll be worth developing, though. I have been wanting one of these for a while, and if memory serves me right, one of my vintage camera buddies had great success with his. Now I need to get the black and silver one, too.

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