Saturday, March 11, 2006

Something Fishy

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A few weeks ago, I shot a roll of film in my new LOMO Fisheye Camera. Finally had the film processed and have scanned in a few prints. This is an amazing cheap camera. I paid $30 including shipping for mine at Design Within Reach on the web (DWR). It weighs but a few ounces, and gives a 170 degree view. Pure Fun. Even though it has a viewfinder, it's mostly there to give you a vague idea of what the camera is pointing at. It can focus from a few inches to infinity in the same shot. I have barely scratched the surface of its creative potential. The camera also has a built-in flash -- which takes forever to charge, but not a big deal.
I know that some people will just think it's silly, but screw 'em. The world needs more silliness of the good kind. This camera will make you smile.

Last night, I attended the first meeting of the Ann Arbor Crappy Camera Club, for want of a better name. There were five of us, and I can kick myself for not doing two things: 1. Getting the time right. I thought all week it was at 7:30 for some reason, and when I got ready to head out, I saw that the note said 7 pm. 2. Find the address ahead of time. I thought it was on Edgewood near Pittfield Village, so I went there. No. It was on Edgewood off Stadium. WTF - why does Ann Arbor have two streets with identical names? OK, one is Edgewood Drive and the other Edgewood Ave. My mistake. Thankfully, Adrienne has a mini-phonebook in the car and I looked on the map to set myself straight. I feel bad because I am usually the first person to arrive at such things, and missed a good half hour of getting to know the others.
Anyhow, this was a formative meeting - low key, what do we want to do?- sort of thing. Our next meeting is the 4th Tuesday in April, and I will bring along at least one more person (Matt, if you are reading this...). I promise to be there on time.


Anonymous said...

Cool! Yes, count me in. Always up for a bit of crappy camera love.

Who are the other folks? Anyone I'd know?

therese said...

How cool!! You didn't tell me about the Lomo :)...