Sunday, March 05, 2006

news flash

news flash
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I picked up an old film envelope at the Salt City Antiques Store in Ypsilanti yesterday-- and this was on the inside. Pretty cool, and of course, it still holds true.

Today, I drove to Rochester, MI to serve as an appraiser for at the Rochester-Avon Historical Society's appraisal day. I was there to do cameras and photographs, and though not terribly busy, I had some interesting people and items come to my table. The most interesting item, and one that I know nothing about, was a child's "Magic Lantern" -- from Germany, circa late 1800's - the light source being a kerosene lantern, and the slides were hand-painted scenes. I guess they didn't worry about the kids burning the house down because they had more sense back then.
Anyway, it was a pleasant and interesting afternoon, though when I was ready to leave, I had a searing headache, and had to stop at a Walgreen's on the way home to get some pain reliever. Ever try to decide on a pain reliever with a nasty headache? It's enough to give me a headache, if I didn't already have one.

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