Monday, March 20, 2006

Peace, Please

Fallen Michigan Soldiers
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On Sunday, Marjorie and I attended the "Stop the War" rally on campus. It was pretty crowded compared to last year, and seemed better organized, since it started on the Diag in front of the UM Graduate Library. Dick Siegel sang at the beginning, which was a nice addition. I spent my hour there shooting the various people with signs, symbols of a growing frustration with the current regime in Washington. I had to leave at 2 to go to a friend's place for a get-together, but Marjorie apparently did the march downtown, also taking photos.

To say that I am angry with Bush and his cabinet would be an understatement. The arrogance, incompetence, and hubris of the white house goes beyond anything I have seen since I started voting many years ago. We will unfortunately, bear the weight of their misdeeds for many years into the future, both politically and economically.


Anonymous said...

Luckly it people like me who think a little different. I guess you would like to see more of what happend on 911 or sit back smoke a peace pipe and roll with the efforts of those who want to destroy our United States. I many more will continue to fight for your freedom to take pictures whenever and whereever you want.


mfophotos said...

Sorry, but all of the rhetoric that has been put out using 911 as a reason to wage war against Iraq does not hold a drop of truth. I'm all for ridding of the Taliban -- but remember, THEY are in AFGHANISTAN (and Pakistan), which seems to be the "forgotten war." The billions of dollars that this government has used in a pathetic charade dishonors our integrity and democratic ideals. To put sons, daughters, husbands and wives in a ill-concieved war that need not have happened is a mistake that will have repurcussions in the future. You can ignore the evidence all you want, but the plain truth is that America is being led by a deceitful administration.

I'm not ignorant of the fact that there are people out there that want to harm the US. Unfortunately, our administration has put our country at more risk because every policy they have implemented rarely has the effect they promise. More often than not, it has the opposite effect. Politics is the art of pursuasion and compromise, not abusing laws or ignoring them to get your way; of making grand prouncements in the face of the contrary. The emperor has no clothes.