Wednesday, February 01, 2017

An Iron Horse and a Plastic Wonder

I briefly stopped by my local thrift shop this afternoon, and picked up a couple of cameras for less than $15.  A Nikon Nikkormat FTN body for $9.00, and a Minolta Maxxum QTsi in a bag for $4.50. Yes, I have paid far more for a sandwich than I did for the Minolta. I mean, $4.50 is less than even a pizza from Little Caesar's!

The mighty Nikkormat FTN
Let's take a look at the two.  Of course, I added a lens on the Nikkormat FTN for its portrait, because a lens-less SLR just looks pathetic.  I suspect the meter is suffering from a common malady that affects those old Nikkormats. It doesn't matter much, as $9 for a robust body that you can practically pound nails with is a great deal.  It seems to work great otherwise, and I will run some film through it soon.  I have always had a soft spot for Nikkormats. They are basic, no-frills Nikons that usually perform quite well.

Now, in contrast, the Minolta QTsi is a much newer camera, dating from about 2000.  Plastic, yes. It's also about as point-and shoot an SLR can get.  You have various modes, no exposure compensation, and no manual anything (other than focus and selecting the flash mode) -- a real beginner's camera.  On the other hand, it's pretty goof-proof, and is a camera you could give to anyone and they can just shoot with it.  I told myself I was never going to buy any AF Minoltas, because I just don't need more cameras with a different lens mount. Well, for less than $5, I felt sorry for that camera, so I bought it, put in new batteries, and a roll of film.  I'll see how well it performs.  Back in 2000, Tony Sweet gave the camera a very nice  review.  It's no Maxxum 7, but it's still capable of getting some good images.   It weighs 12 ounces.  It is by far, the smallest AF SLR I have held.  Yes, it is a glorified P&S, bit once I shoot a roll, I will have a better idea of its shortcomings.

$4.50. I hope I didn't over pay :)

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Jim Grey said...

You, sir, are a lucky man!

I bought a friend a QTsi a few years ago, used, to replace one she had years before but which didn't survive a turbulent time in her life. I put a roll of film through it to test it before giving it to her and I was surprised by how pleasant it was to use. A little nothing of a 35mm SLR but I warmed right up to it.