Sunday, May 30, 2010

One week in Marquette

Well, I arrived in Marquette a week ago tomorrow. It's been a relaxing time for me, and being all by myself, I have been keeping a strange schedule, with each day unfolding as it may. I had hoped for some overcast days for some waterfall work, and it looks there may be rain the last day that I'll be here. So, I have been getting up early some days and doing some shooting before the sun gets too high, or else I have been out late into the evening. Midday usually finds me doing other things, but a camera is always with me. Yesterday I was in Negaunee and Ishpeming, two old mining towns west of Marquette. Both have seen better days, and I think one could do a good photo essay or two on bars there. I did visit a bunch of antique shops, and found a nice vintage print of Wagner falls that looks to be about 75 years old.

Today was really pretty hot and humid, and it was partly cloudy by the time I got out and about. I hit the beautiful Peter White Library on Front Street in Marquette and read a few newspapers and took some interior shots. Peter White was probably the most influential person to make Marquette become a city.
The Shiras Room at the Peter White Library.

Afterwards, I drove over to Marquette's Park Cemetery - a truly beautiful place that has a pond amidst the graves. All the Marquette notables are buried there, and yes, so is Peter White. I wanted to visit while the graves of veterans had fresh flags and flowers for Memorial Day. I think I got some good photos there.
remember those who served

In the evening, I headed over to Presque Isle once again, and was amazed at how cool it was there compared to around the apartment, just a mile or so away. By the time I was finished shooting I was quite chilled, and the approaching storm was putting up a nice breeze that added to the already cool 58 deg F. I got some fine shots, despite being cold. Sometimes I think I do better work when I am challenged by the conditions.
raking light

Ore dock

Presque Isle

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