Saturday, June 05, 2010

Film is Fantastic

Lest anyone think that my latest photographic trip was a digital fusillade with the Canons, I did manage to shoot over a dozen rolls of film. I still have some half-shot rolls left in a couple of cameras that will eventually get processed. The b&w rolls will probably get done next week. The C-41 color has all been processed and scanned at the lab, and I am quite pleased with the results from the Canon A-1 and The Elan II. A roll from the Yellow Peace Camera (aka Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim) came out fantastic, as did a roll from the 35mm Holga, and The Minolta 7s.

One of my favorite shots from the Canon EOS Elan II was that of the old pilings at Lower Harbor in Marquette, taken not too long before sunset. I used Kodak Gold 200 -- really a very good all-purpose film. The lens is a cheapo Sigma 70-210 EF (film only) lens that I picked up on ebay for less than $50.


A few days earlier, I shot some Ektar 100 in the Canon A-1. The trip to photograph Canyon Falls in Baraga Co. was definitely very much the right decision, as the lighting was good, and the water flowing. This shot was with the Canon 100mm 2.5.

Sturgeon River

The "Yellow Peace Camera" worked far better than I expected in a variety of conditions, attesting to the latitude of 400 ISO Kodak color film. The images definitely have a special look to them.

What would a trip to the UP be like without a photograph of a sign that is sure to elicit a few smiles...


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Blisterina said...

Thanks for this post. I have an Elan 7 that I haven't touched in a while, but been thinking I should start loading it up again, at least as a backup. So, you've added a few more points to the "yea" side!