Monday, December 11, 2006

3111 Packard Street

Photography is a wonderful thing. It preserves our past, whether that past was 10 seconds ago or 100 years ago. It's a way to pull out recollections from seeing an image that means something to us. We may not remember a face in out memory too well, but when we see a photo of a long-lost relative or friend -- we know them immediately. A photo can remind us of what has been gained -- or lost.

3111 Packard

In this instance, I realized on Saturday that two old Cape-Cod style houses on Packard looked to be slated for demolition any day. I stopped by Sunday and took a few cameras, and took a few photos...

It's a shame that these two interesting houses were let go for so long. I'm sure they were built in the 1930s -40s. People lived there and watched the neighborhood expand around them. Now, after having been vacant and unloved for several years, crews came in and took out all the trees and shrubs, and I am betting that the houses will be gone this week and replaced by who knows what.

From a photographers's view, these houses are rich in texture, and the Techpan film really captured them. Stark.

Nikon FM with 28mm lens, Techpan rated at ISO 25 and developed in Technidol LC.

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