Sunday, March 26, 2006

Back Roads

rows, trees, and sky
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Yesterday, March 25; Marjorie and I went for about a 5 hour drive, starting from Chelsea. I drove down M-52 to Adrian, and we stopped there to shoot some photos of the Lenawee Historical Society's building and some other nearby structures. Then it was back on M-52 into Ohio. We travelled W on what was 120, and we must have taken a turn into Morenci, MI. Mo was delighted to find a cute little theater called the "Rex." I was amazed that the small town had a theater, but bigger places were some distance away. Always good to see that some things can survive.

From there, we travelled W on Territorial Road, which is at the MI-OH border, and I saw some nice terrain that could be good places to go back to in the summer for dragonfly work. We eventually ended up in Fremont, IN, and then went back N into MI, going up Quincy Rd to US-12. There are quite a few Amish farms in that area, and some pretty nice scenery. At a small lake, we saw dozens of Sandhiil Cranes, and more came flying into land in the late afternoon sunlight. It was a beautiful moment.

On US-12, we started near Allen, which is a HUGE antiques place. Will have to go back there again. The drive back took us through more small towns, some strange weather -- a brief snow/rainstorm that was quite intense for about a mile. Then it cleared up again.

It was a nice drive, and something that I enjoy doing with Marjorie. I wonder how many teen-agers enjoy doing that?

The photo was taken along Quincy Road in Branch County, as the sunlight raked across the field. I saw the scene coming together and pulled over and had time for about 5 shots before the sun went behind a cloud.


MikeR said...

This reminds me of the poem by Carl Sandburg called river roads. I worked in Grand Rapids one summer, building a hotel, and remember all the antique shops along the way. I drove across Wyoming and Nebraska, and a few other states to get there. i have always wanted to go back with the wife and stop everywhere we wanted. Nice photos. nice reminders.

Jimtown said...

You can hit quite a few states from your Michigan location. The Amish areas are always intriguing to me. Love the cornrow photo. It's a scene that never fails to make me wonder if perhaps I was a farmer in a former life. :)