Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The weather over the past 48 hours has been awesome. While Michigan seemed to be slated for tornadic winds, etc., it was not as dire as the predictors said. The clouds today were really something -- as was the wind, and I wish I could have taken the day off to go to the shore of Lake Michigan to see and photograph the tremendous waves that were supposed to be piling up. By the time I left work, the clouds seemed to have parted around Ann Arbor, with banks of clouds to the N and S. I drove over to Pittsfield Preserve, just outside of town, determined to make a photo with whatever was left of the clouds. I parked in the lot off of Marton Road, grabbed my gear and saw some trees in the distance that contrasted with the line of clouds to the south. The harvested soybean field was pretty featureless, and then I saw a small area of grass that had been left alone, out in the middle of the field. The grass, at times bowed under by the wind, made a moving foreground to show the wind, with the bank of clouds and trees in the background. I used a polarizer on the 50mm and 70-200 zoom, as the 18-55 lens on the Canon 1000D was 58mm across, and my filters in the bag are 52mm. Note to self-- keep a 58mm polarizer in the bag! Anyhow, I am pleased with what resulted, even if it was a whirlwind of a photo shoot.
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Snap Shots said...

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