Saturday, September 11, 2010

Book Buying Binge

No Kindles or Nooks here
No Kindles or Nooks Here!
On Friday and Saturday (9/10 and 9/11) I went over to the annual book sale of the Ann Arbor chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW). The AAUW sale has been held at Washtenaw Community College for a number of years, and is a great place to shop for books. Usually, I look for books on photography and history, and whatever else catches my eye. That's the fun aspect, as I never know what to expect. I always expect that I'll find something of interest, and I have been pretty good at not buying books I already have (unless I get an extra as a gift).
I really do not need any more books on "how" to photograph. I believe my library is darn good there. Now, I look for books to broaden my knowledge of other photographers, historical accounts, and show catalogs. This year, I think I did pretty well in finding some good titles and great photographers, some of which are local.

This year's haul.

I spent around $75 on photography books. I hadn't anticipated going again on Saturday, but I went with Adrienne and found some nice titles that I missed the day before.
Here's the list:
Elliot Porter, 1988. The West.
Joel Meyerowitz, 1981. Cape Light.
Verna Hanson, 2007. Snapshots. Memories of an Iowa Farm Girl.
Brian Kelley, 2000. Grand Rapids Night After Night.
Ansel Adams, 2000. The Grand Canyon and The Southwest.
Sally Eauclaire, 1981. The New Color Photography.
Sam Breck, 1989, It's A Small Town.
Harry Callahan, 1967. Harry Callahan, MOMA.
Jerry N. Uelsman, 1973. Aperture Monograph.
Alice Rose George & Lee Marks, eds. 1998. Hope Photographs.
Margaret Bourke-White, 1963. Portrait of Myself.
Ellen Von Unwerth, 1998. Couples.
Evald Karlsten, 1981. Hasselblad.
David Fenton, 1971. Shots. Photographs from the Underground Press.
Michael Langford, 1989. The Darkroom handbook, Revised and Updated.
Lois Palkin Rudnick, 1984. Mabel Dodge Luhan, New Woman, New Worlds.
Kodak, 1982. Photo Decor.
Alison Shaw, 1994. Vineyard Summer.
Tim Grey, 2005. Photoshop CS2 Workflow.
Robert Doty, 1982. Photography in America.
Bryan Peterson, 1988. Learning to See Creatively.

I have already enjoyed the Harry Callahan monograph. There ought to be many hours of fun ahead.

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