Saturday, November 01, 2008

Kodalith Fun at Quincy Mine

While I was at the Quincy Mine near Houghton a few weeks ago, I shot one roll of Kodalith (ISO 12) film -- and knew that I would get some nice contrasty images, as it isn't normally used as a pictorial film. In typical usage, one develops Kodalith in a high-contrast A/B lith developer for pure b&w with no gray. However, there are some tricks to allow its use as a pictorial (gray-tones) film. I have used Diafine in the past, and got pretty decent results, but in this case I developed under red safelight by inspection in Dektol (1:8) for about 3.5 minutes. 1:10 might be even better, but I am happy with the stark look I got from these ruins of Quincy Mine. I really like my results, and this is not something you can get digitally, boys and girls.

Quincy Mine No. 2 Shafthouse and ruins

The raking light at the end of the day really made the shots stand out.

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