Friday, October 05, 2007

Canon wins me over -- for a P&S

For some time, I have been looking to replace my aged Nikon Coolpix 3100 with another pocket digicam. My requirements were:
an optical viewfinder
decent array of controls
moderate zoom range
runs on AA batteries
good-sized LCD display
less than $200

Nikon eliminated the optical VF from their coolpix line, so they were out. After looking at other cameras and reading many reviews, I came to the conclusion that the Canon Powershot A-series cameras were my best bet. Although I am a die-hard Nikon person when it comes to film and digital SLR cameras, I wanted something that fit my needs, not a label, and the Canon Powershot A570-IS really attracted me. It may have been Herb Keppler's article in a recent issue of Popular Photography where he featured the Powershot A460 that made me take notice. The A460 is a cute thing, and very inespensive, but lacks the manual control that I wanted. The A560 didn't quite have all the features, but the A570 did. For $50 more, I got a cameras that really has a lot of creative potential, and fits in my shirt pocket.

New and old

As you can see, the Coolpix 3100 was getting worn and scratched, and the 3.1 MP count was limiting. With 7.1 MP, movie mode, Image Stabilization, et., etc., the Canon is a huge upgrade.
I don't have any photos from it to post yet, but give me a day or so!

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Unknown said...

I went through many of the same mental exercises you did. I eventually decided upon the Kodak C530. This camera does NOT have any real level of manual control, but it does have a (bad) OVF, no zoom at all (38mm equiv fixes lens) and is more-or-less fast in use and very pocketable.

I was quite satisfied with it, but mine was a refurb, and alas, recently gave up the ghost. Although I agree with you that the next best choice in this category is the Canon A5x0 series (I like the A540, myself), I decided once again on a Kodak, the C663. Again, no real manual control, but a better OVF, zoom (which I can live without, but can't seem to find anymore), standard batteries and memory card, and a low-bid on eBay from Kodak refurbs for $54 USD with a one-year warranty.

It seems to be working out OK, but time will tell. It's my shirt-pocket, go-everywhere, 'street camera' in the way my Olympus XA2 used to be.

But I like the way you think!