Saturday, August 04, 2007


I'm working my way through the rolls of film that I shot on the New York State trip. All I have left are a few rolls of 35mm and a roll of TechPan (120) to develop. Once again, it may be the shots I took with the Holga and the YashicaMat A that become my favorites.
seneca mill

Throughout central NY, one can find old mills and factories that have long been shuttered. Some are along the old Erie Canal, some along railroads, and others at the edge of cities and serve as reminders of past eras of self-reliance and Yankee inventiveness. Others are probably grim reminders of the toll of the industrial age - both in human and environmental aspects.
This Seneca Knitting Mill sits in Seneca Falls, home of the women's suffrage movement in the finger lakes region of New York. I wonder what was knitted there.

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Matt Callow said...

I've driven through NY state a few times, and every time I've been reminded of the similarities with northern England, mostly because of these mills. The one in your photo could be straight out of Derbyshire or South Yorkshire.

Hey, see you at AAACCC tomorrow!