Friday, August 10, 2007

Argust 7 Aftermath

A3C3.0807.3 Some of the crowd, photo by Bill Bresler

We had a great turnout for my talk on Argus cameras at the Argus Museum Tuesday afternoon. Cheryl Chidester, the museum curator, was very gracious in hosting us, and also provided refreshments. She has been doing a wonderful job with the displays and the change in the museum from what it was like 7 years ago is just amazing. With donations from Argus collectors and the social network that the Argus Collectors Group has created, the collection has expanded both in the hardware, but also in the archives of printed material containing company history, employee information, and product R&D.
gather around the display cases Adrian and John

After I talked, people hung around and viewed the collection, asked questions, and then we all went out walking for photo opportunities, and were to meet at the Old Town for dinner. It was a pretty good group of Ann Arbor Area Crappy Camera Club members that went out shooting. A fun evening, for sure. Earlier in the day, Marjorie and I had walked around campus taking photos of the area around the Law Quadrangle. I think one of my best photos came from there.
some of the C3 gang

c4-10.jpg c4-14.jpg

More photos are here

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