Saturday, February 03, 2007

It Was All Good

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Thursday evening was the reception for my "Through A Lens...Softly" exhibit of images made with "toy" cameras. It was fun, invigorating, fulfilling, and on top of all that, I sold some prints. By Adrienne's and my best counts, we think 65 people attended the opening reception. A lot of my friends from Flickr and the Krappy Kamera Club were there, and so were neighbors, co-workers, Adrienne's friends, MiPHs members, and I think only 5 or 6 people were there that we did not know. The food and drink held out well, and UM Catering did a fine job. Of course, I wish we had served wine -- I might have sold a few more photos!
Matt and Dennis
It was a tremendous ego-boost, obviously, but I also enjoyed hearing WHY people liked certain images, which were their favorites, and explaining what toy cameras are all about. I think I explained "Silver Gelatin Print" more than a couple of times, too.
The Piano Lounge gallery is an excellent place for a show, high visibility, inviting, but not in the way.

Yes, it was my first exhibit, and a successful opening, too. I hope there will be many more. The next one WIll be easier!

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