Monday, November 27, 2006

Six years ago this November

Six years ago...

I shot my first photos with a medium-format camera, a quite crappy Spartus Full-View with a roll of quite good Ilford Delta 100 film. This is the house at Cobblestone Farm in Ann Arbor, one of my favorite places to test out a new camera. I have been leafing through my binders filled with med format negs, to determine which ones I'm printing for my upcoming show. Of course, I'm just using toy camera images, not the "good"cameras. I'm still amazed at how many rolls of film I have shot in 6 years.

This image probably will not end up in the show, but I think I am printing it tonight, if just to see what a real print from it will look like. Note the lens aberrations... definitely a Crappy Camera!

As I look back on my experience, it's hard to believe I only started shooting with toy cameras, etc. 6 years ago, and this roll is the first one that I shot. Sometimes one gets lucky.

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