Thursday, November 02, 2006

Good News!

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Last night, I found out that I have been scheduled for a photography exhibit at the Pierpont Commons on UM's North Campus. Opening date, Feb. 1, 2007. Working title for the show will be "Through a Lens Softly - the Lure and Magic of Toy Cameras." I'm excited and scared as hell. I'll keep my friends updated on the event.


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Anonymous said...

Excellent! It's a great space, and your stuff'll look fab up there. Congrats!

J. O'Brien said...

Congrats, and I am certainly envious! You will have a field day once you finally get around to matting and framing those prints. Remember, if something is slightly crooked, it is most certainly not "good enough"!!!! lol, I look forward to Thanksgiving.

ronin1516 said...

Great!!! I am looking forward to the exhibit.

Anonymous said...

We'll be coming down there to see it, of course!