Monday, June 19, 2006

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dexter mill
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Marjorie and I went for a drive yesterday -- I decided that I wanted to celebrate Father's day by doing whatever was fun. That meant a father-daughter drive to no place in particular -- we just make up the route as we drive along. Our first stop was in Dexter, and we came in along Huron River Drive. I find it ironic that HRD is touted as a bike route, when in fact, it has to be the most bike-unfriendly road around. Scenic, yes. I once biked from Ann Arbor to Dexter along that road, and if anything, the road has gotten worse. There is virtually no shoulder along the entire route, and cyclists hang out into the lane - especially when they ride 2 abreast. So, I would rather they biked elsewhere more friendly. Oops that is so un-PC here...
Anyhow, we arrived at Dexter and got to the old train depot about 2 minutes ahead of a Conrail train, which was a pleasant surprise. Took a few train pics, and then we shot film of the depot, some renovated buildings nearby, and the Dexter Mill. I used my Nikon, Holga, and Polaroid, and Marjories used her Hasselblad and digicam and Holga. We then drove through Dexter to Issland Lake Road, then Dexter Twon Hall Road, Tiplady Road, ending up on Gregory. We then took Gregroy road and some other roads, ending up in Mason. We spent a few hours there shooting photos of the town, and visited a real nice assemblage of antique stores. I ended up buying a Tower 50 camera for $10. It's a 1953 era 35mm camera. I put a roll of b&w film in it today and will test it out.
We drove back on M36 to M52 to Jackson Road and home. Not bad for an afternoon, and a good Father's Day.

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Party Girl said...

Sounds like you had a nice day.

I agree with those who ride bikes. All for it, but be smart about it. I don't want to hit you anymore than you want to be hit. So, please, be smart about where you ride and how you ride.