Thursday, May 11, 2006

hands --like ours but different

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This morning was atypical. A large male low-land Gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo arrived at the loading dock of the Museum, and I was asked to document it for the UMMZ. Unfortunately, I did not bring my D70 or even my little coolpix today, so I had to resort to a 2MP Fuji Finepix that sits around my office. It did the job, but it was painful. This is an unusual occurrence, and I spent 45 minutes later in the day taking photos of Collosus up in the Mammal Division. Most of those shots were taken on film, except for a few that I did on the 2mp camera. The one above is of the gorilla's hand, desaturated, duotoned, and saved as an RGB image. I'm hoping the shots on TRi-X come out anywhere near what I imagined.

This was a rather awesome experience. Being so close to a lowland gorilla, and being able to photograph him at will gave me a profound appreciation for their similarities and many differences from us.

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