Saturday, May 06, 2006


yellow waves
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Familiarity with a place is helpful. Being able to visit a particular area on a regular basis means that one is more likely to get the kind of photograph that one wants, rather than being stuck with whatever presents itself when one is just passing through.

This farm is a good example. I first noticed the yellow fields of canola about 4 years ago, and took some photos that first time. They were ok, but I felt I could have done better. Of course, by thye time I got my slides processed, the canola flowers were gone. Then another year they grew something else, and another year, I just missed the flowers. This year, I drove past and saw that the flowers would likley be at peak within a week or so. In addition, the field was on the other side of the farm from where it had been before, making for a potentially more scenic shot.

Yesterday, Marjorie and I drove out in late afternoon, and everything looked pretty darn good. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to put my tripod in the van, so I had to use a fencepost for support. I plan on going out Sunday morning with my Pentax 6x7 and taking some shots on transparency film...and use a tripod.

The point is, familiarity with your subjects will improve your photography. The best shots of anywhere are most often taken by the person that spends a lot of time there. So, find your favorite spot and keep shooting.

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