Monday, January 30, 2006

On a Clear Day

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You feel so much more alive. On Friday afternoon, our obligations fulfilled, we drove over to Presque Isle Park , shot a lot of images, and then drove on Hwy 550 towards Big Bay. That is the typical route that we would have taken if we were going to the Huron Mountain Club. However, in this case, we went to Sugarloaf Mountain, a small granitic outcrop overlooking Lake Superior.

After a heart-thumping walk and climb to the top (geez, I am out of shape..., and those ice-covered stairs were a challenge), we enjoyed a great view with the late afternoon sun raking across the landscape. We could see Marquette to the E and the Huron Mountains to the W. It was a fantastic view, and capped a wonderful two days in Marquette.

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