Thursday, December 22, 2005


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There is something about signs that compels people to photograph them. I could have said shoot them, but then that conjures up a completely different image. You know, the ones we see near state land where some moron decides that maybe a stop sign with holes is more fun than trying to shoot a deer.
No, I'm talking about signs we see every day and never think much about. Take this one, for instance... One of the reasons for signs like these is that there too many people with little common sense. Of course, the steps are not being maintained.. there is 2 feet of snow on them, so why in hell would I want to walk there?
Anyhow, I like shooting signs (with my camera). Sometimes they are pathetically true, other times, very funny, perverse (for us smut minds), or plain examples of timing and good fortune. Whatever the reason, they are a part of our lives, and something that we often take for granted.

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