Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Winter Photography

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Today is the first real snow of the season -- the roads are icy, and it looks like we will get a few inches. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I think they should reschedule that holiday to much earlier in the fall so that travellers don't get snowed in, like so many seem to. Doesn't bother me... we usually stay home.

Shooting in winter presents a whole new range of photographic opportunities, as well as challenges. Keeping ourselves warm and dry...and keeping our camera gear dry. Most of the vibrant colors of the other seasons are missing from our landscape, and when we find those colors, they contrast so well with snow. In addition, the daylength is oh so short. For those of us that like to shoot after work, forget it... it's dark when I leave for home. So, weekends and days off become more important for outdoor shooting. That raking light of the somewhat diminished sun makes great shadows on the landscape. Dark clouds behind front-lit trees. Black and white compositions with snow and trees. Lots of things to shoot if you just look.

If you are not the cold-weather type -- try doing still-lifes inside. There are lots of subjects to try out, and it's a good time to try using different lighting techniques and backgrounds, as well as different lenses and accessories.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

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