Friday, June 01, 2018

Back from Portland, with lots of film.

Looking E into Portland from Washington Park.
That's Mt. Hood in the background.
Earlier this week, I returned from a week in Portland, Oregon.  It was a fantastic trip, and I am still mentally processing the trip, and have yet to start processing my film.  We flew there and back  on Alaska Airlines, which I had not flown on before, and I was pleased with the service and had absolutely no problems at any time.  I had my film in my carry-on bags, and did not bother with hand-checking at TSA.

I previously listed what I was bringing, and I used all of the gear that I brought, though I used the Holga and the Sprocket Rocket very little.  Aside from shooting 20+ rolls, I also shot about 600 images with the Nikon Coolpix S600 and my iPhone SE.   I'll put a few of those in this post.

A few things that really struck me in Portland:
1. Light rail and streetcars make getting around very easy.  Five dollars gets you an all-day pass, which is really cheap.  I did have a rental car for traveling outside the city, and put 800 miles on it. Except for visiting Blue Moon camera and Machine, I didn't drive to any spots within the city, as I walked or took the rail.
2. It's an easy city to navigate on foot. Watch out for the bike lanes and street cars!
3. There are lots of bridges and elevated highways which make for great subjects.
4. Lots of photography stores are there, and there is probably nothing that you cannot find locally.
5. While the Pacific NW has a wet-and cloudy reputation -- it was almost always sunny while we were there. However, bring a light jacket or windbreaker if you go west to the Pacific beaches. You'll get chilled if you don't.
6. Lots of bars, lots of food.  You won't be thirsty or hungry. Food trucks are everywhere!

7.  Check out Blue Moon Camera and Machine, 8417 N. Lombard Street - analog only, and what a place to visit!
Inside Blue Moon Camera

8. The trees grow very tall and straight.  Make time for some trips to the coast as well as the Columbia River Gorge. Lots to see within a 2-hour radius!
9. Visit Powell's bookstore.  THOUSANDS of photography books.  They will ship to your address, too.
10. There are many fountains and parks in the city that will surprise you.

I also made a trip to Tokeland, WA  to meet up with Marcy Merrill. She's a great photographer and has been operating the Junk Store Cameras website for about 20 years. I'll report on that later.  After I get through my film, I'll post some specific sets of topics here.

Ira Keller Fountain is stunning.

Visit Multnomah Falls if you can!

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