Sunday, January 22, 2017

In a Fog

In the literal sense.  The past two days have been wonderful for shooting in a dense fog.  While it is late January, it feels like March, as the temperatures have been mild for this time of year. The fog yesterday lingered until the sun burned it off around noon, but today's hung around quite a bit longer.

One of the fun things about shooting in these conditions is the soft light, and the muted details. Forms become important, rather than the details, and such weather just screams for b&w, or at least it does for me. With the backgrounds obscured by white, it becomes a dreamland where you really can't quite pin down where an image was taken.

I shot mostly film yesterday with my Nikon FG and 50mm  and 36-72mm E lenses.   I took along my Fuji X100S digi, and therefore have some lovely b&w scenes to share right away. Today, I was running errands, and stopped along the Huron River, again with the X100S. The scenes I was seeing reminded me of some Japanese woodblock prints.  With such a serene, soft landscape, one can lose those negative thoughts and live in the moment.  It was a needed break offered to us by nature.


Mike said...

Nice job of exploring that opportunity.

Jim Grey said...

Great work, Mark. Sensitive and nuanced.

Valerie said...

Lovely set of shots.

s.c said...

Great shots of the longs of nature.