Sunday, August 11, 2013

Argus Day 2013

This Tuesday, August 13 is the 13th Argus Day or Argust 13.  Yeah, it's a day for nerdy camera people that have Argus cameras (made right here in Ann Arbor, MI) to take them out and shoot some film with them.  I started with Argust 2, and have been taking part most years since.  My Argus of choice is this C-4 (with the LS-3 Selenium meter in the hotshoe).  The viewfinder and rangefinder are very good, and the camera handles pretty much like a rangefinder camera should.  Of all the Argus cameras produced, I think this is the classiest and most fun to use.  I loaded it up with a roll of Ultrafine 125 B&W film, and look forward to seeing my results after the 13th.  If you want to learn more about Argus cameras, go to these links:

If you are interested in using an old Argus, remember that these cameras are now at least 50 years old, and there are millions of the Argus C-3 "brick"  models out there.  Don't overpay -- most of the models are worth less than $25 if they are in good working order. An Argus 75 is quite common, but it takes 620 film, not the 120 spools. However, if you want to use 620, the FPP store has it in stock!  I would stay away from the Autronic models as most of them have not fared well over the years.  A C-3 or C-4 will allow you to use 35mm film, and will give pretty good results.

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