Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Premium Point and Shoot - Canon Sure Shot Z115

A few weeks ago I purchased a a camera with a box of film, etc. for $5 at the Recycle/Reuse store in Ann Arbor.  Mostly, I bought it for the film, but once I got the Sure Shot Z115 home, I realized it was a top-notch P&S in its day.  That day would have been 1993, and the 35mm P&S cameras were abundant.
The Z-115 features a 38-115mm zoom, with a maximum aperture of f/3.6 and f/8.5 at each end of the range.  It features 7 camera modes, a precision AF system, auto-DX film setting, various flash modes, and a silent winding function.  I inserted 2 CR-123 cells into the camera, and it sprung to life.  The camera had been kept in a case, and it was free of dirt, etc., and ready to use.  As a P&S camera, this one is quite feature-rich, and well-made.  The front shell is aluminum, not plastic, and it fits in the hand very well with easy to use controls.  I put in a roll of expired Kodak B&W C-41, and took the camera to work one day and shot the roll during my lunch hour.  I mostly shot over near the medical campus and on the way back to my office.  One nice thing about the camera -- is zooms very well, covering the typical range one might use in most situations.  It's quiet in operation as well. The photos all came out well, even factoring in the expired film.  As far as automatic 35mm P&S cameras go the Canon Sure Shot Z-115 is certainly a desirable model.

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