Saturday, September 29, 2012

Switching Gears...

Most of my recent posts have featured small towns, Ohio, urban landscapes, and so forth.  While I enjoy those road trips and urban scenery, it's a change to go N and visit my daughter and her partner near Marquette.   I grew up in the NW edge of the Adirondacks in New York, and visiting the northern part of the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula remind me of living there many years ago.  There is a freshness to the air, and a rejuvenation of spirit when I am up here.  Things seem to have more clarity.  
Chocolay reflection

Marquette is "just the right size" for me, and it sits on the shore of Lake Superior.  Not the mining town of a century ago, but it's a far better place than back then.  In fact, it is a far better place than when I first passed through it in 1985.  The downtown is thriving, and lots of new construction is taking place at the lower harbor.   The area is scenic, and although there are many grand views of the wonders of nature, sometimes its is the tiny view that makes a big impression...
Pixie Cups
It is a big change of gears to go from shooting in N Ohio, to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It takes me a little while to get my brain in sync with my eyes. While I am inhaling that wonderful September air here, feeling "at home" and really seeing what's in front of me in the photographic sense is a more nuanced process.  I am often not pleased with most of my shots because while the area has a special grip on me, the shots that capture what I feel don't come easy right away.  This forces me to slow down.  The moment finally does come when I see something magical and I get it on film or silicon.  Then, it is that moment I know that I am truly in tune with the UP.    This is hard for me to really explain, but I know if you have had a similar experience, you'll know what I mean.  
We will be returning home to Ann Arbor in a couple of days.  Will we come back to live here when we retire?  That is a good question.  There are friends that would be left behind, and all those connections that one makes when living in the same city for 30+ years.  However, I think that this place will give us more peace of mind, beautiful nature, and a way of life that is more beneficial in many varied ways.
January 2007, from Sugarloaf Mountain.

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Jim said...

I really enjoy the first shot -- you got some great colors in that sky.