Monday, October 08, 2012

Shooting manually, naturally.

Nikon F2S
Last week I received my latest item of affection from KEH.  A really nice Nikon F2S in BGN condition.  Now, in my opinion (and that of others, too), the Nikon F2 is perhaps the nicest manual full-featured SLR out there.  It is also the last hand-assembled SLR sold by Nikon.  My second manual Nikon was an F2 photomic that I purchased used in 2001.  I think I paid between $300 and $400 for it at the time, and it was in much worse shape than the BGN grade F2S that I got from KEH for only $120.    I sold my old F2 about 5 years ago, after it developed some problems that would have cost more to fix than it was worth.  This F2S sports red LED in the viewfinder that are easy to see in dim conditions, and it all works very well.  To give it a first test, I shot a roll of Kodak Tri-X around town.

The infamous graffiti alley.
This old restored F-1 really caught my eye on the way home.
So, the F2 shot an F-1.

Armadillo at the museum.  Natural light.

Bikes stopping for a red light!!!

So, all of my shots on roll one were just fine, and I am really happy with my purchase from KEH.  The F2S will be getting more love soon as I take it out for some fall color this weekend.

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s.c said...

The F-1 is really a car with teeth. Makes quite an impression as does the pictures of the F2. I have the same combination from nikon but not used it for at last 20 years. Looks like an error.