Monday, September 28, 2009


About 9 years ago, I started photographing Richard Alexander's farm. He's a retired UM professor, and has a small farm out near Manchester, MI. It's been something that I have worked on in bits and pieces, with the idea that someday, something good would result. Dick will be 80 years old this November, and I realized that I need to go back to his farm and do more photography...
hand drill
He has a workshop in a small outbuilding (well, actually a big outbuilding, or a small barn, take your choice). I have been meaning to photograph it for years, but put it aside. Now, I have gotten all excited about shooting it -- just so much "stuff" that is fun to explore with a variety of techniques and cameras.
an old saw

Next, I want to photograph Dick while he's working on some projects in his shop -- he makes some fantastic canes, so maybe that would be a good activity to capture him at. Maybe this weekend.

Old workshop

I think I'm a much better photographer now than I was in 2001, so I'll have to go back through those older sheets of negatives and slides and see if there are things I could do again and improve on. As a documentary project, I'm not sure where I want to go with it, but maybe I'll ask Dick if he'd like to write up some text for some of the images.


Erich said...

great photos Mark. That rusty cog/wood combo makes for an excellent texture study. Seems like a worthy project.

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amazing photos..i love film cameras as well. i hope you keep the love for photography

Chris said...


You have some very beautiful work. I am a 1st year medical student, completely new to Ann Arbor, and also in love with film photography. However, I'm having a hard time finding a darkroom around here! The university darkrooms are reserved for those in classes, but I don't have time for a class -- just want to develop and print my own stuff. Any advice?

- Chris Chapman