Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Trip to Visit Marjorie

Lake Superior shoreline
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Last Thursday, Adrienne and I drove to Marquette (MI) to visit Marjorie for Parents' Weekend at had been 9 weeks since we last saw her, and it was a beautiful drive up to the UP and over to Marquette. The larches in the UP were mostly orange-yellow, contrasting with the spruces and pines nearby.

We had a great time with her, and drove over to Republic, Iron Mountain and Crystal Falls on Friday-- shot lots of photos along the way. Saturday dawned stormy, with hail and amazing winds. The Superior lakeshore was whipped into a frenzy of crashing waves and huge swells. We stood on the "Black Rocks" of Presque Isle and shot photos of the awesome power of Lake Supeior. I shot film, Marjorie went digital. It was all we could do to stand there and take photos.

Sunday, we climbed Sugarloaf Mountain on a very crisp but sunny morning (something that has been quite rare down around Ann Arbor this fall), and the view was excellent. We could see the waves -- albeit smaller trhan the previous day, but they were still impressive.

It was a good weekend visiting our daughter, and it was nice meeting her friends. I'm envious that she has such awesome scenery just a few miles from her campus.

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