Monday, May 15, 2006

Uptown Bar, Downtown Monroe

Watering hole
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This was taken in Monroe, MI on May 6. Marjorie and I drove down for a couple of hours of shooting, discovering interesting little things about the city. I shot a roll of Eastman5222, which is rapidly becoming my favorite film. I tried using HC110 developer (dilution B) and guessed at 6 minutes, because there are no guidelines for this film as a pictorial film, other than what is on Digital Truth. I think I guessed pretty close, as the negatives looked good and scanned wonderfully. I'll try 5 minutes another time and see how it compares.

It's too bad Kodak does not market this as a still film. It's sold as movie film stock. I think I'd better buy a 250 foot reel from Film Emporium.


Leesa said...

I love pics of old buildings!

Party Girl said...

Wow, I love that. If you hadn't stated that it was just taken I would have thought it was a picture from the 70's. Very cool!