Saturday, May 27, 2006

Paw Paw Barn

Paw Paw Barn
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Yesterday, Marjorie and I went on one of our one-day wonder road trips. We took mostly back roads, going up M52 to Stockbridge, then some really back roads, going through Leslie, then through Mason, Charlotte, and over to Holland. From there, we went south to South Haven, Benton Harbor, and est over to Hartford, Paw Paw, Augusta, and finally home on I-94. We put on about 400 miles, and saw a lot of sublime things that one can only appreciate driving around. The flock of turkeys with several toms all puffed up; beautiful fields of crops just coming up; vineyards with the carefully managed vines; old decrepit barns --some on their last "legs", and others not decrepit, but painted and kept up (like the one shown). The amazing county courthouses in these rural counties - where the county seat is not necessarily a big place, but the solid limestone or brick buildings give a sense that government matters; the significant number of Tacquerias in areas that depend upon mostly Hispanic laborers for the production and harvest of our fruits and vegetables; the beauty of downtown Holland, and the fact that there is so much one can see if you really look.

It was a fun trip, and Marjorie photographed 11 theaters, including an unexpected drive-in in Van Buren Co.

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