Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ann Arbor's nascent Crappy Camera Club

checking out the goods
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Last night I hosted the 3rd meeting of the Krapppy Camera Club, and 7 of us gathered at my house to swap stories, fondle each other's cameras, exchange ideas, and to look at each others' work.

One of the things we did last night was to present our photos that were done as an assignment since the last meeting. It was so interesting to see how each of us not only chose our subjects, but the type and subject of the poetry that we based our photos on. Linda had some really nice Holga work.

What impresses me most is the level of photography/artistry that exists within this group. Definitely proof that crappy camera (or toy camera) does not equate into crappy images. As the group gets more momentum and participants, I think we could really do an amazing show somewhere.

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MikeR said...

I want to join! It might be a bit of a trip for me make the meetings though. I have thought about doing something similar in these parts, to help stimilate my creative side.