Monday, January 16, 2006

Take a walk

all that remains
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Sometimes we get tied up in our routines. To go and shoot some photos, we have to explore new places, travel a few hours, and scout out locations. Bunk.
You can find beauty in some of the oddest places. Sunday morning, Adrienne and I walked to Panera's to get some bagels. It's about a mile from our house. As we approached Washtenaw she spotted this frozen puddle. It was a hole in the ground left by some construction crew - maybe 3 ft across at most, and just a few inches deep. The repeated thawing and freezing had left a series of concentric patterns. A single leaf lay at one end. Pure photographic nirvana. If I had brought a long a tripod, I would have spent more time, but i did fire off a dozen shots or so to capture the beauty of that small area. It could have been somewhere along the Upper Peninsula or the East Coast, but no, it was a small puddle along a busy street in a busy town. That singular moment is captured here, without all of the clues that would tell you otherwise.

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Nannothemis said...

Being able to see the extraordinary in your everyday world is what helps keep us sane.

I will keep what I've learned about seeing the world from you with me on my journey. Talk to you soon, friend.