Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Latest From the A3C3

A bunch of us from the A3C3 (that's the Ann Arbor Area Crappy Camera Club)collaborated on a project using simple disposable cameras loaded with Ilford XP-2 film. I edited the book, and published it on I like the fact that Lulu allows you to upload your own design via PDF, rather than have you pick out a design template for the content. Our book, "Monochrome In My Pocket" contains 48 pages filled with photographs from the photographers that participated in the project. One month is all we had to shoot the images, and overall, I am pleased with the results. If there was only one thing I wish could be different, it would be glossy paper for the book. However, at $7.50 a copy, it's pretty good and shows what one can do with with a simple camera. As I reiterate in the book, "It's the photographer, NOT the camera."
You can buy a copy on Lulu if you want to see some good photography...
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