Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Photostock 2009 -- Part 1

Last Wednesday, I drove up to the Harbor Springs area for the 4th Photostock gathering, which is organized by Bill Schwab. I went last year, and had a wonderful time, and this year was better, in many respects. For one, I had met many of this year's participants last year, so I did not feel like an absolute newcomer. Secondly, I brought a bunch of my work to show, so others would get a better feel for the many kinds of photography I do. Third, Bill had a great photographer, Shelby Lee Adams, as a speaker and guest, which was a highlight of my stay there. Fourth, I found some new places to photograph and came away with some very good images!

The first night, I stayed at a house on Burt Lake, owned by my friend Joan Doman. That is a place that Adrienne and I have been going to for many years, and I was glad that it was available that first evening. The rest of the time I would be staying in Harbor Springs at a cottage owned by a friend of Marc Akemann's.

There was a big hatch of Mayflies going on at Burt lake, and there must have been millions flying around, which is kind of strange when they are landing on things, including me. I set up the FinePix on a tripod and took some long exposures. This is one that I liked.

On the dock in the dark
On the dock in the dark (9:55 pm).

My hands are getting kind of cranky with typing tonight, so I will finish Part 1 another night.

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