Sunday, May 18, 2008

Seeing Something Else

How many times have you photographed something with one thing in mind, only to discover, much later, that what you shot -- with the thought you had at that moment -- is not the thought you have after seeing the print?

Three Views of Life

Such is this image. I shot these three soda glasses (OK, Coke glasses) at a local restaurant when a bunch of us Ann Arbor Area Crappy Camera Club members met for dinner after viewing the William Christenberry exhibit at the UMMA Offsite gallery. I was shooting Plus-X with my Pentax ME -- not the best film for indoors, by any means. But, I took this shot because I thought the 3 glasses looked interesting. It wasn't until I saw the negative scan that I thought those three glasses also represented different outlooks on life -- you know the glass half-empty, etc. So that's my title -- Three Views of Life.

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Jordan said...

Really nicely seen, even if it was a happy accident!