Friday, April 07, 2006

Waiting for it to start

bees are busy
Originally uploaded by argusmaniac.
I'm getting a little impatient with the weather. We get a day where we have a hint of spring, and then it cools off, rains or snows. This spring so far has been chilly, and it's been wonderful to have a sunny day. I think the plants seem as impatient as I am...

I was walking home Thursday afternoon, and a garden along Brockman caught my eye with a nice planting of a heath, Erica cinerea. There were about a dozen honeybees at the flowers, taking advantage of the warmth and sun to gather nectar. Of course, I didn't have my SLR, but I did have my little pocket coolpix, and it did all right for this subject.

I will be happy when the bugs are out in full force, so I can use my D70s for macros.


therese said...

I understand exactly what you're saying! We had one day of sun...and it's teasing today...probably more rain though! I'm longing for some extended sunshine. But at least we don't get snow :)

Anonymous said...

Nice picture--if the honeybees are at hand real spring can't be far behind.Check Through a lens softly for a comment I left.I'm enjoying looking at this site. CHM

MikeR said...

You ought to consider putting this up on the Spring Contest over at Nelsonfoto. Very nice. I have started a W/nw thread over there as well that would certainly benefit from this photo. Very nice capture.