Sunday, January 09, 2005

New Mexico Revisited

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I'm looking back at the shots I took in NM when we visited there in July of 2003. Time has elapsed and I can look at them purely as subjects and how well I like the photo. Some I liked shortly afterwards I look at now, and think differently and sometimes still agree. Others that I didn't like so much for the subject or whatever, I now look at and like the abstract quality, such as this one. Originally taken with my cheapo Vivitar digital, I adjusted the red levels and then desturated in PS. I like it now much better.
I think one thing that IS important to do is to look at ones' earlier efforts to reevaluate them and see how they stand against your current work. Amazing how much one can improve, and much of what I was happy with 5 years ago, I would toss now. Luckily, thise b&w neg sheets don't take up much space...

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