Sunday, November 21, 2004

A new camera

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I finally got off the fence. I had been going back and forth, trying to decide if I was going to buy a better digital camera. I didn't want a Nikon D70, since it doesn't do all that I ask of an SLR, and it lacks features that I require, but I can;'t afford tghe higher end digi SLRs. So, it came down to features for the buck, megapixels, and ergonomics. I finally decided on a Fuji FinePix S7000. A nice camera, and it has a generic hot-shoe and mechanical theaded remote shutter release. Very essential.
I am still feeling my way around with this camera, but I like the manual mode, and the ability to shoot b&w as well as color. The zoom is great, and the manual focus is a tad tricky, but works.
I took this shot on Saturday, the day after I bought the camera. A peeling cment block wall with a splash of color from a shrub in downtown Ann Arbor.

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