Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Brownie Special 616

Months ago, I bought this Kodak 616 Brownie Special at a resale shop for $5. Interesting camera... even has a little stud to push out so that it can stand on its side for vertical photos. I experimented and ran a roll of 120 inside it by putting little extenders on the 120 spool so that it fit inside the camera. I should have somwewhat panoramic negatives. I used the 616 takeup spool, which meant that the film did not wind precisely lined up. So, I stuck it in an opaque container until I develop it -- maybe later this week.

Meanwhile, I purchased a bunch of old film a few weeks ago, and in it were about a half dozen rolls of 616 Verichrome Pan. The expiration date is late 1960s. What the hell, I might as well load a roll in this camera and see what happens.


Barbara Eads said...

I just purchased this camera (six-16 brownie special) at an antique mall. How do you open it? I see the latch on the bottom, but it doesn't seem to open. Also, do you have a manual with yours?

mfophotos said...

You can get the manual for the identical Brownie special six-20 -- which takes 620 film instead of 616 here:

SquarePegPinhole said...

So I know it has been a while, but how did the 616 film turn our. I'm thinking about turning my 616 brownie into a pinhole. Also, how did you know what frame you were on?

mfophotos said...

I think I screwed up the roll of film, but it was long enough ago that I can't remember what happened. Some of that old Verichrome pan curled so badly that I could not get it on a reel without multiple tries.