Sunday, April 20, 2014

Minty Fresh... a Nikon FE

This past week at work I got a wonderful surprise.  A retiring professor was cleaning out his office and was filling boxes with things to take home.  I saw a black Nikon SLR and asked him if was interested in selling it.  "Sell it? You can have it.  I'll never shoot another roll of film."  Imagine my pleasure at finding that it was an all-black Nikon FE, Nikon's first SLR with aperture priority exposure.  I purchased my first Nikon FE in 2000, and it was a "user" grade that I picked up locally at a camera store. I shot many rolls of film with it, and traded it in on another camera much later.  Over the years, most of the Nikon FEs I have seen were pretty well used, and didn't interest me.  This one... is very much like new, with only some wear on the bottom, where it has been secured to a copy stand mount.    All-black Nikons are always nice to see, and this one sure is a beauty.  I have a roll of Svema FN64 in it now, and I am sure that it will perform very well.

Some photos from the past with my first Nikon FE...
Pine Lake
2002, Huron Mountains, 19mm Vivitar lens

Libellula cyanea, West Virginia. 200mm micro-Nikkor.
Old outbuilding, Huron Mountains, 2002. 

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