Monday, August 09, 2010

Argust 10th

Back When...
Tuesday, August 10 is the tenth annual Argus day, or Argust 10th. I didn't do the first one, but I did do the second, and have been every year. A day to get the Argus out of the drawer or cupboard and go shoot with it. What Argus camera will you shoot with? I'll be using the Argus 40, a nice little TLR, and maybe the C-4, my favorite Argus.

Argus Day 080808
Just in case you wondered, yes the Argus C-3 (and possibly other models) were used by some professional photographers...typically early in their careers. The Argus C-3 is easily used for multiple exposures, a feature that possibly influenced Duane Michaels.


Wes Medlin said...

Ah, makes me wish I still had my C-44. The shutter locked up on it years ago, and it's long gone now.

Love the blog.

Wes Medlin

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great site Mark! You'Re all over the place shooting everything I love it! Ahh the Argus 40 nice TLR... so nice I convinced my friend that the Ikomate he was considering must be broken it was all milky like whe nlooking through it, but my C-40 was bright and clear! I want a an Argus A and a C4 too! My 40 is still kicking! Hope it was fun in Argust in Michigan!

mfophotos said...

Well, I had a big surprise when I developed the film. It looks like every shot I took, save for the first couple, were at the end of the roll, and the sprocket holes were ripped. The roll had been shot on Argust 8, judging the the photos on the roll of APX 100. Lesson learned: rewind a roll that has been sitting around and reload before shooting. :(